things about me

  1. You can call me Cho Eunsa (i’m a gurl)
  2. I’m studying psychology
  3. but i love literature
  4. I also enjoy music (i don’t know how to describe my music taste: i like extremely hard-beat musics as much as ballads)
  5. I stan many Korean musics, include k-pop, k-hiphop, k-indie, k-rock, also korean old songs
  6. But don’t get me wrong, Coldplay’s Yellow is my all-time favorite song
  7. I love how BTS musics are rich of theories. They’re incridible!
  8. Never dissapointed with IU’s and Epik High’s work
  9. When it comes to poems, i can relate Aan Mansyur’s (especially his newest Sebelum Sendiri) and Rupi Kaur’s work
  10. I’m crazy over Erich Fromm’s and Carl Jung’s theories
  11. I think sadness is beautiful
  12. Oh, i’m an INFP (but sometimes the result shows INTP)
  13. I love pink but deep down i adore yellow
  14. I love how beautiful sunshine is
  15. Also how it sets on horizon
  16. I found seeing ducks walking along the river bank makes me relax
  17. I like fury animals (i sent my big love to tigers!)
  18. Somehow i love contradiction
  19. I don’t like the fact that i’m picky when it comes to food
  20. I love dark chocolate
  21. Also Green tea
  22. I didn’t drink coffee and cokes
  23. I’m a skincare enthusiast
  24. Sometimes i write fanfiction


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